Patented pollution control technology, proven to capture up to 97%* of all road based vehicle emissions. 

* 97% pollution capture rate was achieved during independent scientific CFD testing completed by Wilde Analysis ltd, further information is available upon request. 


2021 - 2040

By utilising low energy fans and strategically placed pods in the roadway, our technology gives both the public and private sectors the opportunity to offer the public clean, safe and legal air quality during the transfer period of moving to 100% electric motorised vehicles. Our system "sucks in" fumes emitted and therefore allows fossil fuelled vehicles to feasibly remain on the road. At present there is no other technology that can offer this interim solution. 

Electric charging infrastructures are difficult to implement and take considerable time to install. With most major countries worldwide aiming to ban the sale of fossil fuelled vehicles by the year 2040, there is still a transitional potential period of 20+ years in which an estimated 22,000,000 people worldwide will die prematurely due to inhalation of air pollution. Air pollution causes 5% of all deaths worldwide.


A recent study completed by Public Health England warns that if no action is taken to control pollution levels, costs to the NHS and social care could reach as high as £18.6 billion by 2035. According to PHE, there could be around 2.5 million new cases in the UK of coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, childhood asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, low birth weight, and dementia by 2035 if current air pollution levels persist.

Slow and stationary traffic are the root cause of city pollution. Vehicle drivers and cyclists are the most exposed to toxic air. 

 World heat map highlighting hot spots of air pollution. Over 91% of the World's population live in area's which exceed the World Health Organisation safe air limits. 


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