Mitigating staff, customers, neighbouring residents and the atmospheres exposure to toxic vehicle emissions caused by Drive-Thru outlets has become a high priority for many operators. Many states in the U.S.A have began to halt the opening of new restaurants due to these health risks. Pollution Solutions "Drive-Thru" system has been independently verified as highly successful at mitigating this exposure at the source.

Our patented system allows operators to; 

  • Comply with UK health and safety law and the requirements of COSHH legislation by providing a safe working environment for their staff

  • Mitigate potential claims of negligence towards their staff, customers, neighbours and the atmosphere. Breaches of UK health and safety law is a crime and carries an unlimited financial fine. 


The below video highlights the recent testing completed by Wilde Analysis ltd by way of a "before and after" scenario.

The above video clearly highlights the effectiveness of the Pollution Solution Drive-Thru system when in operation. The system utilises a low energy fan and can be accompanied by solar power generation. The air cabinet supplied can also be fully customised for use as an advertisement board. Maintenance of the systems filters is completed every 3 months, all filters are cleanable and recyclable. 

System effectiveness summary;

  • Independent analysis found the system to capture 97% of all exhaust emissions emitted whilst vehicles sat idle at the Drive-Thru

  • Of the emissions captured, they are then cleaned to a level of 99%, removing noxious gases and particulate matter

Operators must act now to avoid continued exposure of their staff and customers to illegal concentrations of harmful gases and particulate matter. This will bring immediate improvements to their health whilst also improving corporate green credentials drastically. 

Below are further still images from the above CFD analysis video.


For further information please contact 0845 862 3321 or contact@pollutionsolution.co.uk 

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