Public exposure to road based emissions caused by vehicles has become a globally highlighted topic. The negative health implications for humans along with the drastic atmospheric damage these emissions cause have been labelled as a global health pandemic. The majority of these emissions stem from "hot-spots" caused by slow moving or stationary traffic. The "Highway" Pollution Solution captures these emissions before they are released into the immediate atmosphere. 

Our patented system allows highway operators to; 

  • Provide safe and legal levels of air to the public 

  • Mitigate legislative monetary fines from authoritative bodies whom regulate safe levels of exposure

  • Reduce public healthcare expenditure in treating illnesses caused by these emissions

  • Provide the public with interim technology that cleans the air immediately, whilst we transition to fully electric transport in the future


The below video highlights the recent testing completed by Wilde Analysis ltd by way of a "before and after" scenario of a highway installation outside of a school. 

The above video clearly highlights the effectiveness of the Pollution Solution highway system when in operation. The system utilises a low energy fan and can be accompanied by solar power generation. The air cabinet supplied can also be fully customised for use as an advertisement board. Maintenance of the systems filters is completed every 3 months, all filters are cleanable and recyclable. 

System effectiveness summary;

  • Independent analysis found the system to capture 97% of all exhaust emissions emitted whilst vehicles sat idle at the Drive-Thru

  • Of the emissions captured, they are then cleaned to a level of 99%, removing noxious gases and particulate matter

Authorities must act now to avoid continued exposure of the public to illegal concentrations of harmful gases and particulate matter.

Below are further still images from the above CFD analysis video.


For further information please contact 0845 862 3321 or contact@pollutionsolution.co.uk 

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