February 2021 

Full patent protection granted 

18th March 2020 -

Wilde Analysis independent CFD scientific study report results are published. Initial results indicate Pollution Solution "Drive-Thru" system captures up to 97% of all road based emissions. The system is also found to be highly effective at capturing vehicle brake dust emissions. 

10th April 2020 - 

Pollution Solution finalise Wide Analysis ltd as their chosen partner to conduct independent design verification alongside scientific CFD capture rate analysis and verification. 

10th December 2019 - 

Pollution Solution receive their first UK request to complete a feasability and costings study surrounding the installation of a "Highway pollution control" system in a roadway to mitigate human and wildlife exposure to harmful vehicle exhaust emissions. 

21st November 2019 - 

Dave Lewis joins Pollution Solution as Commercial and Construction Director as part of the UK wide rollout of both the "Highway" and "Drive Thru" Pollution control systems. 

20th October 2019 -

Pollution Solution publicly announce creation of the technology surrounding the "Highway" and "Drive-Thru" systems after 4 years of confidential development and optimisation.